Benjamin H. Kean Travel Fellowship in Tropical Medicine Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question: Are students who are non-U.S. citizens and non-permanent residents eligible for the fellowship?
    Answer: Applicants must be a medical student enrolled at U.S. or Canadian medical school. Citizenship of the U.S. or Canada is not a requirement. As long as the student is enrolled at an accredited medical school, they are eligible to apply for the fellowship.

  2. Question: Is the fellowship available for medical residents?
    Answer: At this time, the fellowship is limited to medical student applicants only.

  3. Question: Are veterinary medical students eligible for this fellowship?
    Answer: At this time, the fellowship is limited to medical student applicants only.

  4. Question: I am currently in medical school and will then begin work on my PhD.  Since I am in a combined degree program, am I eligible for the fellowship?
    Answer: Yes, you are eligible; however, confirmation of enrollment in a PhD program will be required.

  5. Question: Is the overseas elective site required to be an official elective offered through the applicant’s medical school?
    Answer: No, as long as the research activity is approved by the medical school, the fellowship does not require the activity to be taken for academic credit. However, the fellowship does require the school be aware of, and approve the elective. The faculty advisor’s and dean’s letters of recommendation would be documentation of approval.

  6. Question: In what year of medical school is the fellowship typically awarded?
    Answer: While it is most often awarded to fourth year medical students because their schedules are flexible, first year students with a free summer and students in other years who can travel for at least a month are encouraged to apply.

  7. Question: What can the $1,000 stipend be used for?
    Answer: The stipend is to be used for direct costs (e.g. housing, passport/travel visa fees, meals, etc.) related to your project.

  8. Question: Do receipts have to be submitted to the ASTMH in order to receive the stipend?
    Answer: No, the ASTMH does not require the submission of receipts. Instead, a completed W-9 form must be submitted to the ASTMH to receive the stipend.   Please consult an income tax professional regarding IRS documentation requirements in reference to receiving a stipend.

  9. Question: Can the fellowship be deferred in the event of unexpected delays or cancellation?
    Answer: Typically, the fellowship must be used in the awarded year. However, due to COVID-19, requests for an extension will be considered by the Committee on a case-by-case basis.
Last updated: Feb. 2021