Q&A Virtual Exhibitors

Note: All sessions/presentations will take place in the United States Eastern Time Zone.

Exhibitor Registration
All exhibitors must register for the annual meeting. A coupon code has been provided to register your complimentary registrations. Only registered exhibitors will be given access to the annual meeting and booth.
We do not offer a "booth only" pass. Exhibitors who will only be working the booth will also need to register to gain access to the annual meeting and booth. 

When will I receive my link to the virtual platform?
The link to the ASTMH virtual meeting platform will be available on this page starting Thursday, November 12. Access will be limited to your online profile information and the meeting scheduler. Attendees are encouraged to edit their profiles and create their schedules before the meeting begins. 

On November 15, attendees will have access to all pages of the platform. 

What will I need to access the virtual platform?
You need to be registered for the Annual Meeting. Provide your username and password you used to register online. If you registered with a paper form, you still have a password associated with your registration. 

If you forgot your password, click here to retrieve it. You will need to provide your username or email address associated with your account. Contact Brenda Howe at [email protected] for assistance. 

How does the platform work and what does it look like?
Click here to view a short guide to the virtual platform and its features. 
All exhibitors must have their booths complete by Friday, November 13. 

Where do I go once I have logged in to the virtual platform? 
From the main lobby page click on Exhibit Hall. Search and click on your institutions logo. You are now in your booth and ready to network with attendees.

Now that my booth is set up, will I ever need to go back into e-Attend setup platform? 
The e-Attend platform is purely used to build your booth and add your staff. If you would like to edit the look of your booth during the meeting please log back into e-Attend and upload your new look. Please notify Brenda Howe if you plan on changing your booth look during the meeting. Our vendor will need to push the new look over to the platform. 

How do I reach out to attendees?
Search for attendees by clicking on "Find and Chat with Colleagues" located in the TropMED CENTRAL page of the platform. Each staff member will have a chat functionality connected to their name, this allows for attendees to ask questions to a specific staff member. You can also browse the platform or attend a sesson, you will be notifed by email or chat when someone is reaching out to you through your booth.

Sample booth belowDoc2.jpg


Email your questions to Brenda Howe at [email protected]