• Lower booth rates compared to the 2019 booth rates. Virtual 4 Impression Booth 10x10.
  • For-Profit  $2250                Not For-Profit  $1450 
Exhibitors will receive a link and login information to upload up to four marketing pieces to the virtual booth (video, logo, documents, etc.) If assistance is needed to upload documents, photos or videos, our vendor will be available to assist.
You also have the option of selecting a booth template and selecting your color choice from a list of available colors to achieve your unique booth look.
Exhibitors will have the ability to chat with all attendees and schedule video calls with attendees throughout the entire 4-day meeting. A benefit to all attendees is the ability to view sessions on demand for 12 months after the meeting, including exhibitor booths. During the 12 months, exhibitors can update, change or remove their booths from the platform.
You can also customize your booth hours so that attendees who are out of the country or in a different time zone can contact you. In the event that you are not available, the attendee will have the ability to send you an email or chat while you are away. You will never miss a lead.
Exhibitors can run all analytic reporting straight from your booth. View everyone who visited your booth in one report.
Exhibitors will have their organizations description and contact information printed in the Program book, which all attendees will receive digitally.
Exhibitors will receive two full complimentary registrations to view all 4 days of the Annual Meeting. As we get closer to the meeting you will be sent a coupon code that allows you to register your two complimentary attendees at $0 dollars.
ASTMH will display your logo and link to your organization on the ASMTH “Thank You” page.
ASTMH will provide exhibitors with an Excel spreadsheet of the pre and post registration list. NOTE: This report includes full name, organization, and full address.

Below is an example of our vendor’s booth, they have indicated the four areas where your information will be visible to attendees. Also visible are the many networking options below the booth.


Upgrade your 4 Impression booth to an to 8 Impression Booth at the flat rate of $500.


Email your questions to Brenda Howe at [email protected]