ASTMH Committee on Global Health (ACGH)

Donate to ACGH to support its efforts to promote the development of the field of Global Health, which addresses multidisciplinary transnational approaches to health issues that unfavorably affect underserved and under-resourced populations.

Global Health Call for Interest
ACGH is looking for passionate and committed candidates for key leadership roles who are interested in building a strong voice for global health within ASTMH that places the Society in a leadership role in the larger global health arena.
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ACGH Charter

The ASTMH Committee on Global Health (ACGH) 2020 Strategic Plan

ACGH Vision
A world with equitable access to health and well being for all.

ACGH Mission
Be the leading edge of ASTMH in Global Health through leadership and engagement.

ACGH Goals and Objectives

  1. TRAILBLAZING: Link ASTMH to existing and emerging global health and development initiatives
    • Focus on important trends in global health, linking ASMTH to broader health and development initiatives such as Primary Health Care, Universal Health Coverage, and the Sustainable Development Goals
    • Expand the practice and study of tropical medicine & hygiene to include non communicable diseases
    • Explore opportunities for transdisciplinary science (such as One Health) and multisectoral approaches to global health
    • Engage with relevant professional societies and organizations, including product development partnerships (PDPs) to coordinate advocacy efforts
  2. INFORMATION SHARING: Facilitate the sharing of relevant global health information with ACGH members and ASTMH more broadly
    • Establish, nurture, and maintain regular and meaningful engagement with ACGH members
    • Provide updates on global health policies and the work of international organizations and on groundbreaking technologies for global health
    • Ensure vibrant and relevant global health content at ASTMH Annual Meeting, including Pre-Meeting Courses and symposia
    • Share information about the accomplishments of members
  3. ADVOCACY: Serve as the voice of ASTMH on global health issues and promote expansion of ACGH
    • Improve global health educational opportunities for ACGH and ASTMH members, as well as with universities
    • Raise awareness of global health challenges and inequities among key stakeholders (including law makers), including advocacy to maintain/increase funding for global health research
    • Review and prioritize specific global health solutions for engagement
    • Increase recruitment of new members, and engagement of existing members
  4. MEMBER SUPPORT: Provide services, broker connections, and catalyze opportunities for ACGH members
    • Connect ACGH members with training and research opportunities
    • Provide an environment for social interaction and interpersonal exchanges
    • Help to broker formal and informal mentorship
    • Increase funding for travel to ASTMH Annual Meeting and other key events
    • Focus on connecting members for research and programmatic, operational, and advocacy opportunities
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ACGH Priorities Survey Results

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Awards and Funding Opportunities

Please note: To share equally among everyone in our tropmed community, only one ASTMH (including the Subgroups) award, travel award, fellowships and/or medal will be awarded to a single recipient in a given year.

Those who receive a Subgroup research/travel award are not eligible to receive an ASTMH-sponsored fellowship or ASTMH Travel Award.

Those who receive an ASTMH-sponsored fellowship will not be eligible to receive any Subgroup research/travel awards or ASTMH Travel Awards.

ACGH Award for Research Support 

The ASTMH Committee on Global Health aims to address health issues that unfavorably affect underserved and under-resourced populations, including and in addition to ASTMH's traditional purview of tropical medicine and hygiene. Global health topic areas focus on globalization's impact on health, health disparities and global health partnerships.

Generous funding from our ASTMH parent body, along with your membership contributions, has allowed us to continue this award in 2020. It is aimed at all levels of trainees who are working toward ACGH goals. This ACGH-sponsored award is designed to support research expenses for trainees who have approved research projects that are currently active or will start during 2020. Trainees can use the award to support travel to field sites, purchase equipment, software, reagents or supplies, or cover other expenses that will enhance the project.

ACGH Award for Research Support Recipients


Sarah Boudova
Thomas Jefferson University

Godwin Kwakye-Nuako
University of Cape Coast, Ghana

Marissa Milstein
University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine


Ghassan Ilaiwy
University of Virginia

Evelyn Munayco Pantoja
Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia

Minu Singh
Kathmandu Research Institute for Biological Sciences


Emily Ciccone
University of North Caroline School of Medicine

Marius Paulin Kuate
University of Buea

Aparna Nutakki

Cusi Ferradas
Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia

Pallavi Kache
Columbia University

Uchenna Ogwaluonye

Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Nigeria

Rachel Bensman
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Daniele Gusland
University of Wisconsin

Andrea Perez
Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala

ACGH Student/Post-Doc Travel Award

The ACGH works to promote the presentation, discussion, collaboration and advocacy of global health issues that are transnational, multidisciplinary and disproportionately affecting underserved populations worldwide. The ACGH has four focus areas:

• Students, career development and education
• Research and scholarship
• Advocacy
• Recognition of outstanding global health contributions

Eligibility is limited to graduate students, medical students, residents or post-doctoral fellows who are conducting global health research and actively participating in advocacy, program implementation or networking efforts for global health.

ACGH Student/Post-Doc Travel Award Recipients


Adebiyi Adeniran
Washington University School of Medicine, United States

Yashodani Pillay
University of British Columbia

Loyce Kayanula
African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)

Hammed Mogaji
Federal University of Agriculture

Derick Osakunor
Children's National Medical Center

Barry Nouhoun

Akilah Stewart
The University of the West Indies

Saikou Bah

Caleb Stica
Ifakara Health Institute

Sarah Boudova
Indiana University

Mahfuza Talukder Flowra
Universitas Gadjah Mada

Meredith Hickson
University of Michigan Medical School

Martha Tesfalul
University of California San Francisco

E. Ross Colgate
University of Vermont

Louisa Messenger
London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Rebecca Fischer
Baylor College of Medicine, National School of Tropical Medicine

Marie Nancy Seraphin
University of Florida


Nathan Lo
Stanford University School of Medicine

Elizabeth Thiele
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Position Member Term Expires
President Yazoumé Yé 2024
President-elect Jennifer Downs 2024
Past-President James Colborn 2024
Secretary/Treasurer Muhammad Noon 2025
Councilor Arielle Dolegui 2024
Councilor Katherine Wolf 2024
Councilor Andrea Buchwald 2025
Councilor Alexander Kwarteng 2025
Councilor for Trainees Camila Tompkins 2024


If you are interested in membership in the ASTMH Committee on Global Health, include the ACGH membership fee with your dues renewal. For further information, contact Buffy Finn, Manager, Membership.