ASTMH membership reflects a wide range of expertise in tropical medicine. For this reason, Society subgroups provide unique forums for members to engage in core scientific, educational, advocacy and policy issues related to a specific expertise with fellow stakeholders of similar interests. Benefits of becoming a subgroup member include receiving information on networking, pre-meeting course and symposia activities planned for Annual Meetings to enhance career development.

Each subgroup is governed by leaders who are elected annually by its members. This ensures ownership of Subgroup initiatives by those interested and invested in current topics of the field. Subgroup leaders are also active participants in discussions with the ASTMH Board. This governance structure ensures Subgroup interests are represented in Society goals and activities intended to serve the ASTMH mission.

American Committee on Arthropod-Borne Viruses (ACAV)
American Committee of Medical Entomology (ACME)
American Committee on Clinical Tropical Medicine and Travelers' Health (ACCTMTH)
American Committee of Molecular, Cellular and Immunoparasitology (ACMCIP)
ASTMH Committee on Global Health (ACGH)

ASTMH Values and Promotes Diversity

The Society takes great pride in its diverse membership. Through its elected and appointed leaders, committee structure, awardees, Annual Meeting presenters, etc., ASTMH strongly encourages diversity with regard to gender, race/ethnicity, country, and organization (including academia, governmental and non-governmental institutions, and for-profit companies).