Awards, Fellowships & Medals

ASTMH offers a variety of fellowships and awards for members and,
in some instances, non-members

Early- and Mid-Career Professionals
To support the professional growth of early- and mid-career professionals, the Society offers the Benjamin H. Kean Travel Fellowship in Tropical MedicineBurroughs Wellcome Fund/ASTMH Postdoctoral Fellowship in Tropical Infectious DiseasesCentennial Travel Award in Basic Science Tropical Disease Research and the Robert E. Shope International Fellowship in Infectious Diseases. For information on all of these fellowships and more, visit this page

Each year, ASTMH honors a small group of individuals with medals recognizing exceptional contributions in tropical medicine/and global health. These are traditionally given at the Annual Meeting. To learn more about these medals and when they are offered, please take a look at this page

The Society also offers Fellow member status recognizing sustained professional excellence in any phase of tropical medicine, hygiene, global health and related disciplines. This page provides additional information and the names of past winners. 

Please note: To share equally among everyone in our tropmed community, only one ASTMH (including the Subgroups) award, travel award, fellowships and/or medal will be awarded to a single recipient in a given year.

ASTMH Values and Promotes Diversity

The Society takes great pride in its diverse membership. Through its elected and appointed leaders, committee structure, awardees, Annual Meeting presenters, etc., ASTMH strongly encourages diversity with regard to gender, race/ethnicity, country, and organization (including academia, governmental and non-governmental institutions, and for-profit companies).