LMIC Membership Campaign 

Help Us Reach Our Goal of 1,000 New LMIC Members!

Open the doors to our LMIC members with a donation to the new LMIC Membership Campaign. Your gift enables LMIC colleagues to access the scientific education, networking, collaboration, sharing of technical skills and experiences (and more) that Society membership offers.

We thank Young Investigator awardee Donald Severin Kamden, PhD, for using part of his award to provide memberships for students from LMICs and start this campaign on X formerly known as Twitter. Consider contributing to help us reach our goal of 1,000 new LMIC members!

If you have never been a member of ASTMH and wish to be considered for a complimentary one-year LMIC membership, please complete this form. The complimentary LMIC membership will be active through June 30, 2024. Please contact Buffy Finn if you have any questions.