ASTMH Inclusion/Respect Policy

At the Saturday, October 27, 2018, Board meeting of the ASTMH, under the leadership of then-President Regina Rabinovich, MD, FASTMH, the following statement was adopted:
The ASTMH is an international society committed to equity and global impact through the treatment and prevention of tropical infectious diseases. Our diverse membership comes from more than 115 countries and engages with an enormous array of infectious diseases, cultures, ethnicities, and countries. We come from academia, research institutes, implementation programs, industry, multilateral organizations, foundations, and governments, gathering annually to exchange data, share learning, and honor contributions from the field and the lab.
As a Society, we are committed to the open exchange of ideas, freedom of thought and expression, and productive scientific debate that are central to our mission. These require an open and diverse environment that is built on dignity and mutual respect for all members, participants, and staff, free of discrimination based on personal attributes including but not limited to ethnicity, color, national origin, age, religion, socioeconomic status, disability, sexual orientation, gender, and gender identity or expression. We affirm the key principles of inclusion, diversity, and respect for all people. In a world of rich diversity, the advancement of science depends on the intellectual breadth and depth of a diverse ASTMH, one that informs and enriches the shape and content of scientific discourse. These principles guide the actions of ASTMH’s leaders, members, and staff in advancing the goals of the Society.