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08/09/2016 Cardinals may be shielding Atlanta residents from West Nile virus, study finds

This article is a reprint of a press release announcing a new AJTMH study that showed how cardinals in Atlanta, GA, may be oppressing West Nile Virus transmission to humans.

Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy

08/09/2016 Cardinals may protect people from West Nile virus

This article reported on a study in AJTMH observing that cardinals may be protecting humans from West Nile Virus in Atlanta, GA.

Popular Science

08/09/2016 Cardinals Slow West Nile Virus’s Spread In Atlanta

This article reported on a new study in AJTMH that examined why cardinals in Atlanta, GA, may be oppressing transmission of West Nile Virus to humans.

Science Update

08/09/2016 Cardinals vs. West Nile Virus

This audio clip is an interview with Rebecca Levine, PhD, MPH, one of the authors of an AJTMH study that looked at how cardinals in Atlanta, GA, may be shielding humans from West Nile Virus.


08/08/2016 Cardinals 'Super Suppressors' of West Nile Virus

Based on a study in AJTMH, this article reported that cardinals in Atlanta, GA, may be suppressing West Nile Virus transmission to humans.


08/08/2016 When It Comes to West Nile, Robins Do It, Cardinals Don't

This article reported that a new AJTMH study indicated that cardinals may help protect people against West Nile virus.

USA Today

08/02/2016 Zika hits home while Congress fiddles: Column

This column was co-authored by former ASTMH President Michele Barry, MD, FACP, FASTMH, and called for Congress to reconvene from its recess and provide funding for Zika research.

04/18/2016 Extreme rain triggered health crisis on South Pacific island

This article reported on an AJTMH study that detailed how a 2014 storm triggered a health crisis on the Solomon Islands. 

The New York Times

03/28/2016 Zika Study Could Help Overcome an Obstacle to Vaccine Research

This article reported that the first new mouse model in which the Zika virus can be tested was described in AJTMH.


03/28/2016 U.S. scientists develop mouse model to test Zika vaccines, drugs

This article reported on a genetically modified strain of mice that develop Zika, described in the March issue of AJTMH.

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