Burroughs Wellcome Fund/ASTMH Postdoctoral Fellowship in Tropical Infectious Diseases

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Question: Are non-U.S. citizens eligible for the fellowship?
    Answer: At this time, applicants must be a citizen or permanent resident of the U.S. or Canada with an academic appointment of fellow at an accredited U.S. or Canadian institution.

  2. Question: What is the definition “fellow”?
    Answer: A fellow is an individual engaged in post-doctoral training. Applicants are individuals who have already earned a doctoral degree (MD, DO) and are now engaged in additional training.

  3. Question: Should all other funding that the applicant’s home institution mentor receives, or only the funds that might be available in some way to the project, be listed on the application?
    Answer: Please list all funding, even funding that is seemingly unrelated to the proposed project.

  4. Question: What expenses are covered by the award?
    Answer: The award is made to the applicant’s home institution and is meant to offset costs associated with proposed project. It may also be used for salary support; however, if it isn’t need for salary support, it may be applied to other aspects of the project (e.g. travel to/from the overseas site, lab assistant, insurance, etc.). It does not cover institutional overhead.
Last updated 11/23/2015