Vinay Krupadev

Vinay is a student in the urban health track at Northeast Ohio Medical University and is interested in social medicine and global health. He has previously worked in rural India as an Indicorp fellow, in Tanzania as an intern with the UN Millennium Villages Project, and in Brazil as an HHMI medical fellow. Before starting medical school, he completed an MPA in Development Practice graduate program and co-founded a student-run organization called Healthcare Without Borders as an undergrad.

Project: "Using mobile health technology to improve maternal and child mortality in Brazilian favelas"
June 22, 2016 - July 22, 2016


What does the Kean Fellowship mean to you?
I am excited for the chance to work directly with underserved communities in a global health setting again. These are the kinds of experiences that motivated me to pursue a career in medicine, and I think the chance to work in Brazil this summer will help me learn more about urban health outreach and also reinforce why I want to be a physician.

What do you anticipate learning?
I am excited to learn how mHealth technology can be applied to raise awareness and improve health outcomes in urban health settings. I also hope to learn more about Saude Crianca's unique integrated approach to improving health favelas throughout Brazil.

What interests you about tropical medicine and what problems are you interested in solving?
I want to work directly with underserved communities in the future and build on the experiences I've had in the past working with patients, students and families here in the U.S. and abroad. I would specifically like to learn more about how to develop an integrated approach to improving health outcomes that also takes into account poverty, education, employment and political participation.