VOA (Spanish)

11/04/2014 Test de DNA para mordidas de serpientes

A medical team is collecting genetic information to identify snake bites, a neglected tropical disease. (Translated with Google Translate)

Motherboard (VICE News)

11/03/2014 Deforestation Is Clearing the Way for a Rare Monkey-Borne Malaria

In research presented today at the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene annual meeting, [Dr. Balbir Singh, director of the Malaria Research Center at the University of Malaysia in Sarawak] explained how the parasite Plasmodium knowlesi has grown from being a minor cause of malaria in Malaysian Borneo to causing some 68 percent of malaria hospitalizations in the region last year.

The Lancet Global Health Blog

11/03/2014 Malaria eradication: let battle commence

Yesterday in New Orleans, in the keynote speech at the opening of the annual meeting of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, Bill Gates framed malaria control as a global health success story and made a call for malaria eradication in his lifetime. Since he has just turned 59, life tables suggest that he means by 2038; assuming of course that he is an average white American male, which he is clearly not! This call for nothing less than malaria eradication comes 7 years after a similar call by both Bill and Melinda Gates at a famous gathering in Seattle in October 2007. Much has changed in the intervening period.

Agence France-Presse

11/02/2014 Bill Gates to give $500 million for malaria, other diseases

U.S. philanthropist Bill Gates announced at the 2014 Annual Meeting of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene in New Orleanshe that he will donate over $500 million to fight malaria and other infectious diseases in the developing world, saying the Ebola outbreak is a call to action.

The Hindu

10/30/2014 Dengue’s down, but not out in Chennai

According to the Chennai Corporation, the number of dengue cases in the city has dropped from 310 in 2010, to 133 in 2013 and 56 this year as of September.

NPR's Shots

10/30/2014 Ebola Researchers Banned From Medical Meeting In New Orleans

Louisiana health officials say that anyone who's been in an Ebola-affected country over the last three weeks will be quarantined in their hotel rooms. The American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene is telling researchers who've recently traveled to Ebola-affected parts of West Africa that they can't come to the society's annual meeting. That wasn't the medical group's idea.

Global Post

07/30/2014 Two advances may pave new ways for combating malaria

Researchers in Tanzania said this week they have made strides in developing an important research tool that they hope will significantly contribute to developing anti-malarial drugs and vaccines suited to the African population.


04/16/2014 Private health care for diarrhea in Africa kills 20,000 kids annually

Children in sub-Saharan Africa who suffer from diarrhea are receiving lifesaving treatment at a lower rate when visiting private hospitals as compared to public ones. Closing that gap would save an estimated 20,000 lives each year.

News @ JAMA

04/14/2014 Inexpensive Lifesaving Therapy for Diarrheal Illness in African Children Is Underused by For-Profit Clinics

Although oral rehydration can mean the difference between life and death for children with diarrheal illnesses in sub-Saharan Africa, a new study suggests that for-profit clinics may be more likely than large public hospitals to prescribe expensive treatments instead.

Business Insider

02/11/2014 In Just 14 Years, This Virus May Have Infected More Than 3 Million Americans And Cost $800 Million

Since the West Nile virus arrived in the U.S. in 1999, at least 37,000 people have been sickened by mosquitoes carrying the disease. Far greater numbers have been infected unknowingly.

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