Meet the 2019 Slate

Posted 11 September 2018

2019 ASTMH Council Candidates

Eligible members: Will you have a say in who leads this great Society?
Or will you leave it to others? Historically, less than a quarter of our members vote

We encourage all members across our diverse Society including our non-U.S. members to vote for the next leaders of ASTMH. The name of our Society may begin with the word "American," but we are an international society. More than a third of our membership is outside the United States, and we're pleased to note, that percentage increases each year.
This election makes history for ASTMH.
For the first time, in addition to the standard slate, you will vote to add two Councilors who represent the student, trainee, resident or post-doc members of ASTMH.
Every vote counts. Individuals receiving the most votes will be elected.
This year, you will determine the Society’s President-Elect, two Councilors and two Councilors representing student, trainee, resident or post-doc members of our Society.

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Vote for President-Elect and Four Councilors by

September 19, 2018, 11:59 p.m. U.S. Central Time

President-Elect (vote for one): 



Joel Breman, MD, DTPH, FASTMH
Fogarty International Center, National Institutes of Health, U.S.


Julie Jacobson, MD
Uniting to Combat NTDs, U.S.-based

Councilor (vote for two):
Councilors serve a term of four years.


Albert Icksang Ko, MD
Yale School of Public Health, U.S.


Jean Lang, MD, PhD, FASTMH
Sanofi Pasteur, France


Miriam Laufer, MD, MPH
Center for Vaccine Development and Global Health,
University of Maryland School of Medicine, U.S.


Julian Rayner, PhD
Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, United Kingdom

Councilor Representing Students, Trainees, Residents or Post-Docs (vote for two):
Councilors Representing Students, Trainees, Residents or Post-Docs serve a two-year term. Please note that in order to create staggered terms for these two Councilors, one Councilor will serve a one-year term and one Councilor will serve a two-year term.


Koya C. Allen, PhD, MS, MSPH
U.S. European Command Headquarters, U.S. Department of Defense, DE (Germany)


M. Jeremiah Matson, MD-PhD (Candidate)
NIH/NIAID Rocky Mountain Laboratories and Marshall University, U.S.


Shemal Shah, DO
University of Minnesota, U.S.


Anna Uehara, MSc, PhD (Candidate)
Duke-NUS Medical School, Singapore