'What One Thing?' Survey Results

Posted 7 February 2019

Last fall, President Chandy C. John, MD, MS, FASTMH, asked members to answer a single question in 50 words or less: "What one thing should ASTMH do to become a better and more effective Society?"
The results were tallied and grouped together into categories, summarized below.
“My thanks to everyone who completed the survey,” said Dr. John. “These responses are providing the Board with useful input as we evaluate the Society’s strategic plan. They also are helping to guide my own priorities as ASTMH President.”
Advocacy and Outreach
  1. Continue/expand advocacy with U.S. government, other governments to support tropmed/global health work; increase member engagement in advocacy
  2. Engage all stages and groups in tropmed/global health education: ASTMH trainees, but also local high school, elementary school and college students, and the lay public
  3. Expand to work in social sciences, humanities, implementation science
  4. Work for justice and peace
  5. Emphasize climate change as a critical issue for tropmed/global health
 Annual Meeting
  1. More interactive sessions/activities
  2. Broaden focus beyond infectious disease/malaria
  3. Increase formal ties with LMIC societies, e.g., MIM, and other North American societies
  4. Lower registration fees
  5. Venues to network
  6. Reduce the size – regional meetings for those who can’t attend
  7. More basic science/more clinical/more primary research/more updates and reviews
  1. Develop mentorship programs
  2. Create a pathway for early-career individuals to develop careers
  3. More scholarships/funding for trainees
  4. Reach out globally, support LMIC trainees and provide specific funding and mentorship/pathways for LMIC trainees
  5. Expand Young Investigator awards and opportunities for student presentations/attendance at these events
International Engagement
  1. Funding to support international member attendance, LMIC and European
  2. Promote and support the work of scientists and clinicians in LMIC
  3. Provide an easy way for overseas members to pay dues/registration fees
  4. Promote international collaborations – facilitate meetings, give collaboration awards
Funding and Development
  1. More funding for research, clinical, public health work
  2. Early career awards
  3. Fairness and equity in awards – LMIC, gender
  4. Grow endowment to support future initiatives
  1. Open ASTMH to disciplines beyond infectious disease
  2. Increase access/applicability to non-physician medical personnel, e.g, nurses, PAs
  3. Respond to emergent issues – serve as “action corps”
  4. Support and promote exploratory/innovative research
  5. Board certification/better clinical education/promote CTropMed®