Inspiration for 2024

Posted 31 December 2023

Times can be tough, but science by its nature is inherently optimistic. As 2024 begins, we asked our Board of Directors where they will find inspiration in the New Year. 

Here's what they said:

David Fidock, PhD, FASTMH
In 2024, I will seek inspiration from multiple sources. First, my family, whose passion for science, medicine, violin and ballet (depending on who) inspires me to stay focused on my main goals, both short- and long-term. Second, my lab members, whose dedication to our mission to reduce the impact of malaria inspires me to try every day to lead by example. Third, my many colleagues, including this wonderful society we have with the ASTMH, who work with me tirelessly to tackle the vast issues that we face in fighting tropical diseases. 
Daniel G. Bausch, MD, MPH&TM, FASTMH
Past President
In these especially trying times, when it can be hard to stay optimistic, I like to find stories of people who have done incredibly good and kind things. I believe such kindness is more the norm than the badness that catches the headlines. Secondly, I am inspired by the knowledge that science is ultimately the pursuit of truth. You can deny it, but you cannot stop the process of discovery. Goodness and truth together are very powerful, and can inspire us all to continue in our quest to make the planet a healthier and more just and peaceful place.
Johanna Daily, MD, MS
Board member
I am inspired by the vastness and beauty of the outdoors, the joy and support of my friends, and the intrigue and adventure of science.  Our recent ASTMH meeting reminds me of how meaningful work can be a powerful spark to push us forward individually and collectively. I have a deep sense of gratitude for the opportunities and experiences that I have had and look forward to 2024.

Emily Gurley, PhD, MPH
Board member
If we look around and notice many difficulties facing us, we must remember that we are in good company. Never before in history has there ever been a time without important and difficult problems to solve. Nonetheless, humanity has continued to reduce human suffering from poverty and disease. In 2024, I take inspiration from the data showing how far we’ve come, and our past successes give me optimism about our future progress.
Winter Okoth, PhD
Board member
I will continue championing and advocating for science for humanity. Both humanity and science are very paramount for societal advancement and progress. Humanity and science are codependent and intertwined. There is need for restoring humanity to the sciences. Humanity is a broader umbrella that encompasses empathy, compassion, ethics, kindness, justice, treating people with dignity, respect and valuing human rights. Humanity defines how you treat others and planet Earth. A strong humanity foundation is essential for successful scientific progress and advancement. We live in a world full of despair. In your day-to-day, dare to be humane. Each day strive to be the reason people still believe in the goodness of humanity. Humanity is the essence of our being, without it there is no "world." No matter what race, gender, religion or profession, humanity is the universal cord that connects us and the umbrella that shields us: Human beings.
Bhupendra Tripathi, MD
Board member
Despite multiple challenges in geopolitics and public health in 2023, I am hopeful for 2024 as the global south has emerged as a champion to make evidence-based health decisions at a local level. Countries in Africa have initiated efforts towards manufacturing vaccines, diagnostics and drugs which would help in overcoming equity gaps in the developing geographies. With strong collaboration at all levels, I am sure 2024 would be a landmark year in eradication, elimination and control of many priority diseases across the world.