2015 - 2022


View five of the six Sponsored Symposia held in conjunction with the 2022 Annual Meeting on the ASTMH YouTube channel. Topics include child immunization during COVID-19, biotechnology for vector control, malaria and NTD integration, arboviral diseases, and malaria elimination using community health structures with private sector support. Speakers and presentation titles for all of the 2022 Sponsored Symposia are listed below. 

Arboviral Diseases: An Emerging and Re-Emerging Public Health Threat
Sponsored by: Valneva

"Shot in the Arm" Film and Discussion 
 Sponsored by: Bayer Crop Science 


Observational study to evaluate the value added for High sensitive RDT (HS-RDTs) and ease of use for Smartphone Reporting in Uganda
Sponsored by Abbott

Food for Thought: "Food Evolution" - Narrated by Neil DeGrasse Tyson, featuring Bill Nye, Mark Lynas & Michael Pollan
Sponsored by: Bayer

Re-starting Malaria R&D in the Face of COVID-19 
Sponsored by: The RBM Partnership to End Malaria, the European Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership and Medicines for Malaria Venture

Gender Dimensions in the Prevention and Control of Neglected Tropical Diseases

Sponsored by: UNDP, TDR and Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Gender Dimensions in the Prevention and Control of Neglected Tropical Disease 

Response to Healthcare Challenges in Africa: Looking for Solutions to Reduce the Impact of High Burden Diseases
Sponsored by: Novartis Social Business

TDR: Strengthening Implementation Research capacity to Acelerate Universal Health Coverage
Sponsored by: TDR, The Special Programme for Research and Training in Medicine

From R&D to Access for Sleeping Sickness Elimination: Innovative Public-Private Partnerships for New Tools

Sponsored by: Sanofi and DNDi

Applying Experience from the Management of Infectious Diseases to Address the Rise of Chronic Illness in the Developing World
Sponsored by: Novartis Social Business

Malaria. Faster and More Accurate Diagnosis is Vital in the Fight for Eradication
Sponsored by: Meridian Bioscience, Inc.

Dihyroartemisinin/Piperaquine and the Latest Achievement in Uncomplicated Malaria Treatment

Sponsored by: Sigma Tau/Pierre Fabre

Research for an Unexpected Epidemic: The E.U. Response against Ebola
Sponsored by: The European Commission's Directorate-General for Research and Innovation and the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp on behalf of the Ebola-Tx Consortium