Symposium Series to Honor Alan Magill's Life Work in Malaria

Posted 18 October 2016

ASTMH is proud to announce the launch of an annual symposium created in memory of the late ASTMH President Alan J. Magill. Supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Society is especially honored to have Melinda Gates provide a video introduction at this symposium. 

This symposium series will honor Alan’s life work in malaria and his contributions to advancing prospects for eradication. The inaugural symposium, taking place November 14, 4:00-5:45 p.m. in the Marriott - Atrium A, will include a historical review of lessons from previous malaria eradication campaigns, cutting-edge science that may transform malaria eradication strategies, the latest results of applications of molecular and immunological tools to understand malaria transmission, and challenges and progress in the development of a Single Encounter Radical Cure and Prophylaxis (SERCaP) drug for malaria eradication. These talks will be followed by a panel discussion of prospects of and progress toward malaria eradication during which diverse viewpoints will be solicited from the panelists and audience.