Editorials Support Fogarty International Center

Posted 8 September 2017

The September issue of the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene includes a collection of editorials supporting the Fogarty International Center (FIC). The Trump Administration has proposed eliminating the Center as part of massive spending cuts to NIH.

Let’s Eliminate Diseases, Not Institutes: The Case for the Fogarty International Center
“…The FIC budget asks for about $4.50 annually per American. Thus, maintenance of the FIC will require spending less than 1 percent of what we individually pay for coffee.”
by ASTMH Executive Committee members Philip J. Rosenthal (Editor-in-Chief), Karen A. Goraleski (Executive Director), N. Regina Rabinovich (President-Elect) and Patricia F. Walker (President)

The Fogarty International Center is Essential to Global Health Security
“…The value of the Fogarty Center’s contributions to our health and national security cannot be overstated. … It is the responsibility of our elected officials to assure Fogarty’s future and expand its work if we hope to keep Americans and our global neighbors healthy and thriving.”
by John Edward Porter, U.S. Representative (1980–2001), Illinois’s 10th Congressional District, Research!America Chair Emeritus

Congressman John E. Fogarty: A Champion for Global Health
"…My father, indeed, had a prescient vision of how important global health was and would be. …Global health has never been more vital than it is today and its importance will only increase.”
by Mary Fogarty McAndrew, daughter of John Fogarty

Advocating for the Fogarty International Center: An Unsung Hero for Global Health Research and Development
“…In our increasingly interconnected world, when the phrase ‘diseases know no borders’ has almost become trite, the value proposition of the Fogarty International Center has never been more clear.”
by Jamie Bay Nishi, Director, Global Health Technologies Coalition, the premier advocacy organization focusing on global health R&D for new tools and technologies