#TropMed22: Green Task Force Survey, Symposium and Nature Walk

Posted 12 October 2022

Attend Our Symposium
The ASTMH Green Task Force looks forward to engaging our ASTMH annual meeting virtual and in-person attendees on the impact of climate change on global health and climate action. Firstly, we invite you to a Greening Up our Workspace symposium, which will focus on sustainable research practices  in the laboratory, clinic and field settings! Here, we will discuss practical tips and share take away messages that will be helpful as we start/continue the journey towards greening up our working spaces.  The most impactful of these practical tips center around the themes of conservation, waste reduction and resource management. This symposium will help us increase the visibility of the greening concept, promote conversation, improve our behavior and act as a reminder to global health scholars to continue green habits and the ethos of sustainability. We hope it will be a very interactive session in which we aim to collect concerns and suggestions from the audience. After the meeting, the task force will put together previous evidence and the shared knowledge generated during the session to develop the first ASTMH Green Guideline.

Take Our Survey
Secondly, the task force invites you to take the 2022 ASTMH Green Task Force Climate Survey. Please take a few minutes to respond to the questionnaire as we want to hear from you! Together let’s make the world greener and better for all of us and the generations to come.  The preliminary interim results from the Climate Survey will be shared during the Greening Up our Workspace symposium. Your input, feedback, and perspectives matter to ASTMH/ASTMH Green Task Force’s actions!

Join Us for a Nature Walk in Seattle
Thirdly, we invite you to join us on the streets of Seattle through a guided meditative walk while networking with colleagues and discussing the different facets of global health. This nature walk is a 3-mile route, through the neighborhood of the Seattle Convention Center. The nature walk will be an encouraging moment to put on our “nature eyes” as we stroll and think about our habitat and environment, create awareness on climate issues and to reap the benefits of walking. Some of these benefits include making us feel better physically, mentally and professionally. The Green Task Force nature walk will be a basic form of exercise that will get us out into the world to enjoy the fresh air. We hope this nature walk will help us to foster mindfulness and gratitude for our daily working environment. Please plan to have access to a pair of comfortable shoes and let’s get moving on Wednesday, November 2 at 3:30pm. We plan to meet in the lobby of the convention center registration desk to set off together. 

Attend a Climate Change Session
Lastly, TropMed22 has a number of exciting sessions on climate change. We appeal to you to attend and participate on some of these sessions, which include:
  • Sessions Session 45, "ACME Symposium II: Preparing ACME professionals for science in a wetter, warmer, more populated world
  • Session 66, "ACGH Symposium II: Health System Resiliency to Combat System Stressors: Lessons from Pandemics and Climate Change;
  • Session 86, "Overcoming Neglected Challenges to Malaria Elimination to Reach the Last-Mile among others.  
Safe travels to Seattle!