Virtual Meeting FAQs

Posted 16 November 2021

Q. What will a typical day during the conference look like virtually? Is the tentative schedule on the website still the same, just virtual (minus lunch sessions, of course)?
Yes, the virtual meeting will follow the schedule-at-a-glance. A more detailed schedule is also available on the mobile app.
Q. How do I join the virtual meeting?
On the main page of the ASTMH website  you will see a banner that says “Access the Virtual Meeting Website.” You will need to enter in your ASTMH username and password. This is not the same login information used when submitting an abstract. An email will be sent to all registrants shortly before the meeting dates with login instructions.
Q. After a virtual poster session is done, will there be an opportunity to view posters at a later date?   
All posters will be available for viewing during the entire meeting and will be accessible to registrants through May 2022.
Q. For pre-recorded oral presentations and symposia, can those only be watched in a live broadcast format (no rewinding or fast-forwarding)? Or can attendees watch them at any time?  
All oral presentations will be available for on-demand viewing approximately 48 hours after the session concludes and will be available for viewing through October 1, 2022.

Q. Will there be an app this year?
Yes, it is available now. Download the app from the App store or Google Play.
Q. When will the virtual platform be available?
On November 15, 2021, attendees will have limited access to create their profiles and schedule. The entire platform will open on November 17.

Q. Can I still register during the meeting?
Yes, registration will continue to stay open throughout the meeting.
Q. Will I be able to request a certificate of attendance and certificate of presentation?
Yes, after the meeting please visit the registration page to create your certificates.
Q. What time zone will the meeting be held?
All meeting times are U.S. Eastern Time.
Q. Will there be technical support on the platform?
Yes, visit the information desk in the Lobby on the virtual platform.
Q. Can my computer or mobile device handle the virtual event?
Most up-to-date computers and mobile devices such as laptops, desktops and handheld tablets are capable of running the virtual event for you.
Q. What if I am not available during the virtual meeting dates?
With your registration fee, you will be able to view the content on demand until October 1, 2022.
Q. When does registration close?
Registration will not close; it will remain open throughout the meeting 
Q. How will I be able to chat with colleagues on the platform?
Connect with colleagues in TropMed Central, Find and Chat with Colleagues, Spatial Chat, which is NEW this year. To access Spatial Chat, join from the lobby or head to TropMed Central by clicking the link.
Q. Want to continue the conservation with colleagues after a concurrent session?
Click the link in each concurrent session room or head to the Hall Chat rooms in Spatial Chat. This will allow you to have conversations with colleagues just like at an in-person conference!