Nominate A Colleague for an ASTMH Medal

Posted 8 May 2024

The 2024 Walter Reed Medal, Bailey K. Ashford Medal, Clara Southmayd Ludlow Medal and Joseph Augustin LePrince Medal are open. Sumit a nomination by May 29. Only ASTMH members may submit a nomination; however, non-members are eligible to receive a nomination for a medal. 

All nominations are due by Wednesday, May 29, 2024.
• Submit a nomination letter and CV for each nominee.
• Self-nominations are eligible; however, all self-nominations must have at least one supporting letter from an ASTMH member.
• Current members of the Board of Directors are not eligible to be nominated during their terms of service.

Bailey K. Ashford Medal - Named after the U.S. Army Medical Officer who first described and successfully treated anemia caused by hookworms. This medal recognizes distinguished work in tropical medicine and is customarily given to an individual in mid-career (within 20 years of a PhD or MD).
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Clara Southmayd Ludlow Medal - Named to honor the Society's first female member and first non-MD member, who battled the odds of age, gender and skepticism of women in the sciences to advance the understanding of tropical medicine. This medal recognizes an individual for their inspirational and pioneering spirit, whose work represents success despite obstacles and advances the field of tropical medicine. 
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Walter Reed Medal - Named after the U.S. Army Major who led the Yellow Fever Commission in Havana that proved the disease is transmitted through a mosquito. This medal recognizes distinguished accomplishment in the field of tropical medicine. Thank you to our sponsors, Drs. Mark and Cindy Kortepeter.
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Joseph Augustin LePrince Medal - Named after the first person to control malaria by killing of mosquitoes in dwellings. The first Joseph Augustin LePrince Medal was awarded in 1951 to LePrince himself. The medal recognizes outstanding work in the field of malariology.
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