Meet ASTMH Member Musa Mohammed Ali from Ethiopia

Posted 5 March 2024

Musa Mohammed Ali, PhD, is a certified medical laboratory technologist at Hawassa University in Ethiopia, where he teaches Medical Microbiology, Immunology, and Microbial Genetics, conducts research, mentors students and provides community health services. His tropical medicine interests focus on the diagnosis, prevention and vaccine development for malaria, along with TB and other infectious diseases. Dr. Ali is a malaria survivor and has witnessed the devastating impact of malaria on friends and family.
In 2022, he learned from a colleague about the Society’s LMIC Membership Campaign, which provides a free year of ASTMH membership to residents in low- and middle-income countries through donations from the tropmed community. The campaign has raised enough for 1,000 new LMIC memberships thanks to 177 donors. Dr. Ali found his ASTMH membership beneficial enough to renew in 2023.
How did you learn about ASTMH?
Upon learning about ASTMH in 2022 from a colleague, I was motivated to explore further by conducting online research. It became evident that ASTMH provides numerous opportunities for professionals interested in tropical medicine.
How has being a member of ASTMH benefitted you?
ASTMH membership provided me with the chance to receive updates on tropical diseases, engage in different ASTMH committees, establish connections and seek fellowship opportunities.
Would you encourage your colleagues to become members of ASTMH? What would you tell them?
I am enthusiastic about promoting ASTMH membership to my colleagues and connections. Through my efforts, five individuals have already joined ASTMH through the LMIC Membership Campaign. I emphasize the numerous benefits of being a member, such as opportunities for professional growth, sharing experiences, participating in international committees, attending the Annual Meetings and expanding their professional network.