Q&A With New CEO Jamie Bay Nishi

Posted 9 January 2024

Jamie Bay Nishi started her role as the Society's new CEO on January 9, 2024, at its Arlington, VA, headquarters. Ms. Nishi came to ASTMH from the Global Health Technologies Coalition (GHTC), where she was Executive Director for nearly seven years. You can read her complete bio here. She replaces Karen A. Goraleski, who stepped down in October after 13 years leading the Society.

What do you see as the strengths of ASTMH?
I see ASTMH as the leading global society advancing research for tropical medicine/global health, and it’s invigorating to see the collaboration and partnership that brings this community together to advance research on some of the world’s enduring health challenges. The work this community leads is driving tangible impact around the world and serves as a place to unite a very eclectic group of stakeholders in terms of geography, health area and types of research advanced. Where else can you engage with the world’s leading malaria, neglected tropical disease and infectious disease researchers and clinicians to share the latest breakthrough research from around the world?
What strengths do you bring to the Society?
Much of my career has been anchored in bringing coalitions and partners together to drive tangible outcomes, and I see that as a core function of the ASTMH CEO role. I enjoy breaking down silos to bring diverse stakeholder groups together to align on shared objectives. I have years of experience advancing advocacy around global health research, ensuring sustainability and growth when running the business of coalitions and membership organizations, elevating the work of organizations through various media and communications efforts, and designing organizational strategic plans.
From the role I just left leading the Global Health Technologies Coalition to supporting membership and partnerships at Devex, to domestic healthcare consulting at the Advisory Board, I believe all my previous experiences will be helpful to draw on this new role. Outside of my formal work experience, many of my formative years were spent living outside of the United States and I bring my perspective as a globalist as a core value underpinning everything I do.
How do you view your role as CEO of ASTMH?
I hope to build on Karen Goraleski’s legacy and to facilitate a thriving society that continues to serve as an anchor and place for the tropical medicine/global health research community to come together to share their latest scientific advancements, collaborate and build new relationships. I will work closely with the Board of Directors to align on our community’s top priorities, elevate the work of ASTMH with outside stakeholders, and advocate for key decisionmakers to continue to support this incredibly important work. I’m here to facilitate the running of a society that meets the interests and needs of the tropical medicine/global health research community and commit to advancing the work of the Society with a grounding in mutual respect, equity and inclusion.