Meet Your ASTMH Staff

Posted 8 August 2019

Buffy Finn, Member Services Administrator

Buffy Finn is Member Services Administrator, where her responsibilities include managing members' dues and invoicing, Journal subscriptions, the Certificate of Knowledge Examination - CTropMed® Exam, the Society’s five subgroups, the Young Investigator Awards, the Clinical Research Awards, Annual Meeting logistics and general customer service. Ms. Finn graduated from Illinois State University and prior to joining ASTMH, held positions in sales and customer service.

What brought you to ASTMH and what do you bring to the Society? 
I came to ASTMH 12 years ago when my mom, who also worked on ASTMH, was retiring. My mom and I laugh now because there is no way she could ever do the job that I do, as ASTMH has grown exponentially over the last decade. From dues invoicing to the Membership Directory, Subgroup awards, Pre-Meeting Courses, Update Course, CTropMed® and Annual Meeting events, my job is far from dull and has me multitasking at all times. And I can honestly say I love my job.

Our membership is represented by more than 100 countries. What is it like for you to work with such a diverse group? 
ASTMH has the nicest, most devoted members. I never had the opportunity to meet so many folks from international countries before coming to the Society, and the experience has been very meaningful. Our members are always cordial to me and appreciative of what I do for them. And at the Annual Meeting, they are so excited to see me in person, to put a name to a face. They come up and say, “You’re Buffy? I’m so glad to meet you.” 

During your 12 years working for the Society, how has the role of the subgroups changed? 
The subgroups provide specific expertise in their fields of tropical medicine and offer opportunities for students, trainees and members to get more involved on a personal level. When I first started with ASTMH we only had four subgroups, Clinical Group, ACME, ACAV and ACMCIP. Then, in 2010, the ASTMH Committee on Global Health (ACGH) was added. All of the subgroups have been increasing their presence to members. ACAV and ACME joined the other subgroups in offering Pre-Meeting Courses, and the Global Health and Clinical Group hosted webinars this year. Five years ago we started a speed-networking event at the Annual Meeting, where attendees meet all of the subgroups at once.

You staff the Update Course, Pre-Meeting courses and CTropMed® exam, among other things. How do these activities serve our membership? 
The Update Course offers clinical updates for the clinician and those who are planning to sit for the CTropMed® exam. The CTropMed® exam is offered to medical professionals to asses and recognize individual excellence in training and knowledge. The Pre-Meeting Courses are offered by the Subgroups as one-day courses specific to an area of tropical medicine focus. It’s a perfect opportunity for members to receive continuing education credits.

Is Buffy a nickname? 
Buffy is my real name and no, I am not the Vampire Slayer! In the early 70s there was a TV program called Family Affair, and the little girl in the show was named Buffy. My mom had to name me after a relative with the first initial B and she loved the name Buffy. There you have it.