Diversity Will Always Be Our Strength

Posted 2 April 2021

The growing number of violent acts against Asians and people of Asian descent seen most recently in Atlanta (USA), as well as other countries, must be recognized as horrific and xenophobic, and must not be tolerated. As a global scientific society, ASTMH stands firm against all forms of racism, bias and exclusion. We are stronger because of the richness of the racial, ethnic and gender diversity of our Society, countries and planet, as affirmed in our statement on inclusion and respect.


The advancement of science is furthered by evidence and reasoning stemming from free and open discourse by diverse native-born as well as immigrant populations, with a willingness to engage in and not back away from uncomfortable conversations. These conversations have started within the Society, both through symposia presented at our Annual Meeting, Race and Social Justice: Tropical Medicine's Troubled Past and Future Challenges (the 2020 virtual meeting’s most viewed session), and through our Journal, The Pandemic of Hate is Giving COVID-19 a Helping Hand. We strive to continue and enhance this dialogue.


ASTMH stands with our Asian colleagues, collaborators, leaders, mentors, students, trainees and friends, as we do with all people who face similar acts of ignorance and hate in the United States and around the world. Working with you, we pledge to do all that we can to make ASTMH a forum where diversity can be discussed, appreciated and celebrated as the rich resource that it is. Our statements against racism and the April 20, 2020 letter to members of Congress, signed together with fellow scientific societies, confirm this commitment.