'ASTMH in Peru' 2018

Posted 13 April 2018


From left, Alejandro LLanos, Tropical Medicine Institute “Alexander Von Humbolt”; César Cabezas Sánchez, Peruvian National Institute of Health; Regina Rabinovich, ASTMH President; and Vilma Béjar Castillo, Tropical Medicine Institute “Daniel A. Carrión”


Yeni Herrera, Ministry of Health Peru

The 8th Annual “ASTMH in Peru” meeting was held at the Hugo Lumbreras Auditorium of the Cayetano Heredia University on March 21–22, 2018 to offer the national tropmed community the research presented by Peruvian authors during the 2017 ASTMH Annual Meeting.

The meeting was attended by 214 in person and another 150 online from different regions of Peru, including Amazonas, Apurimac, Madre de Dios, Tacna, Tumbes and Ucayal. Thirty-nine sessions and 40 posters were presented.
The event was opened by ASTMH President Regina Ravinovich, who provided an overview of “ASTMH in Peru,” its objectives, importance and perspectives. Cesar Cabezas, MD, head of the National Health Institute of Peru, closed the event.

The event was organized by: 
  • Tropical Medicine Institute “Alexander Von Humbolt”
  • Tropical Medicine Institute “Daniel A. Carrión”
  • ASTMH 
  • Peruvian Society of Infectious & Tropical Diseases
  • Emerging Diseases and Climate Change Research Unit
  • Centre for Technological, Biomedical and Environmental Research
  • National Institute of Health Peru
  • Ministry of Health Peru
View a copy of the “ASTMH in Peru” program (in Spanish)