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Apply for Subgroup Awards

Apply or submit a nomination for this year's awards from the Society's subgroups: ACAV Scherer/Hardy Award, ACAV Richard M. Taylor Award, ACMCIP William Trager Award for Basic Parasitology, ACME Future Leaders in International Medical Entomology, ACME Breakthrough in Medical Entomology Award and ACME Harry Hoogstraal Medal 


Global Health R&D Matters

Find out how investments in global health R&D is paying off in economic and health dividends in your state with this interactive map.


New from CDC: Learn about the growing threat of diseases from mosquito, tick and flea bites in the U.S.

From 2004 to 2016, more than 640,000 cases of vector-borne diseases like dengue, Zika, Lyme and plague were reported, and 9 new germs spread by bites from infected mosquitoes and ticks were discovered or introduced in the U.S. Better control of mosquitoes and ticks is needed to protect people from these costly and deadly diseases.