New & Noteworthy

Nominate a Woman Leader in TropMed

Through the unanimous support of its Council, ASTMH at its November Annual Meeting in Baltimore will launch a new Society-level medal named for a female leader in tropical medicine. ATMH invites nominations for an iconic woman in tropical medicine whose name will be honored by a new Society-level medal.


Statement on President's Executive Order

The American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, the largest international scientific organization of experts dedicated to reducing the worldwide burden of tropical infectious diseases and improving global health, calls on President Donald Trump to rescind his Executive Order banning certain immigrants and refugees from entering the United States. This order has unintended negative consequences for the health and welfare of the American people.


Evidence-Based U.S. Policies on Migration and Global Health are Essential

Following the Annual Meeting in Atlanta in November, the Council reflected on the mission of the Society and our responsibility to have the voice of the research community in the national and international dialogue. To that end, the Executive Committee authored the following Perspective, available now in AJTMH.