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Molecular Approaches to Malaria 2024 Conference

2/18/2024 - 2/24/2024
An interactive program with ample opportunities for researchers to present their research. 
Location: Mantra Lorne, Australia  
2024 MAM Conference
The MAM conference was conceived as a forum to present the very latest advances in malaria research and to consolidate and forge new collaborative links between international researchers, exchanging information on cutting-edge technological tools and scientific advances.

In 2024, we expect more than 400 delegates over the five days. Our stellar list of speakers will share their knowledge of the fundamental biology underpinning pathogenesis and new strategies to reduce the global burden of malaria. The interactive program will provide ample opportunities for researchers to present their research. In addition to the program, there will be hands-on workshops on key themes in malaria biology.
MAM 2024 will feature leading experts in the field while providing opportunities for young researchers and scientists from malaria-endemic countries to showcase their research through selected talks and posters from submitted abstracts.

Website:                           https://mam2024conference.com.au/
Registration Link:           https://mam2024conference.com.au/registration/