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Continuing Professional Education Programme, Niger

7/3/2017 - 8/5/2017
Department of Community Medicine, University College Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria organises Continuing Professional Education Programme, Niger, July 2017. 
Location: Ibadan, Nigeria 
1. CLINICAL EPIDEMIOLOGY & OPERATIONS RESEARCH(1 Week) {in collaboration with the Directorate of Clinical Services and Training UCH}
DATE:  Monday, 3rd - Friday, 7th July 2017
COST:  50,000 NGN per person
COURSE DIRECTOR: GSM 08186386666 E-mail drpopee@gmail.com
FOR:   Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, lab scientists, and all other clinical health workers interested in the said subjects or in research as a professional duty or interest.

2. REPRODUCTIVE AND FAMILY HEALTH(1 Week) {in collaboration with the Centre for Population and Reproductive Health}
DATE: Monday, 10th - Friday, 14th July, 2017.
COST: 50,000 NGN per person
COURSE Director: GSM 08033579048  E-mail t1toyin@yahoo.com
FOR:  Doctors, nurses, midwives, guidance-counsellors,parents, religious workers, senior NGO and health workers already working or interested in reproductive & family health

3. OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND INDUSTRIAL MEDICAL PRACTICE(2 Weeks) {in collaboration with the Society of Occupational and Environmental Health Physicians of Nigeria}
DATE:  Monday, 17th - Friday, 28th July, 2017.
COST:  100,000 NGN per person
COURSE Director: GSM 08053052084 E-mail mobalogun2004@yahoo.com

Work- place doctors, nurses, psychologists, production engineer/ergonomists, safety officers, hygienists, personnel officers, safety officers, safety engineers, managers, environmentalists, safety and labour officers, other doctors and senior health workers in defined work places or populations.

4. PRINCIPLE AND PRACTICE OF FAMILY MEDICINE(A 2day intense workshop in collaboration with the Department of Family Medicine, University College Hospital, Ibadan)
DATE: Friday, 4th - saturday, 5th August, 2017.
COST;  15,000 NGN per person
COURSE Director:  GSM 08028406568  E-mail: magbimlucy@gmail.com
FOR:  General practitioners, nurses, medical officers, resident doctors, family physicians and all other clinical health workers interested in the said subjects.

For registration details an form, e-mail the course manager at commeduch@gmail.com or contact the course director of your selected course(s).