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Ebola in the DRC: When One of Us Is at Risk, All Are at Risk

The Ebola virus outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is a crisis of international magnitude in the making. ASTMH is alarmed at the lack of attention and funding this outbreak has received. We are eager to work with decision-makers, government leaders, researchers, NGOs and community health workers in a worldwide collaborative program to bring this terrible outbreak to an end.


When Malaria Gets Personal

"For those of us who live with it, malaria is a personal engagement because we have suffered from it and we see people around us day in and day out suffering from it.” -- ASTMH Board Member Abdoulaye Djimde on being driven to drive malaria out of Africa. 


New for 2019: Early-Career Member Category

Transitioning to full-time employment or from trainee to junior faculty? Join ASTMH for less than half the rate of regular dues: $100/year for up to 5 continuous years ($25 for early-career LMIC residents).