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MIM (Multilateral Initiative on Malaria) conference

4/15/2018 - 4/18/2018
The parasitology department of the university Cheikh Anta Diop of Senegal have the honor  to organize the next MIM (Multilateral Initiative on Malaria) conference from April 15th to 20th 2018 in Dakar.
Location: Dakar, Senegal
The MIM was established in 1997 at an international malaria conference in Dakar, Senegal. Every 3-4 years, MIM, in conjunction with one or a group of institutions based in Africa, organizes the MIM Pan-African Malaria Conference (MIM-PAMC) His main mission is to strengthen and support through collaborative research and training, the ability of malaria-endemic countries in Africa to carry out the necessary research to develop and improve tools against malaria.

The MIM conference provides a unique platform for meeting, sharing and access for researchers, clinicians, public health experts, national, regional and international organizations in African health and rest of the world. Through these conferences, delegations are shaping the necessary research and monitoring of policies to eradicate malaria and strengthen research capacity in Africa.

The organizers (University Cheikh Anta Diop, Health Ministry of Senegal and Speak Up Africa)have support of several large organizations, pharmaceutical laboratories, as well as the State of Senegal. However, it would be
important to publish an article on the interest to participate for the international scientific community, through your prestigious platform.