ASTMH Fellows

Established in 2011 by ASTMH Council, Fellow member status (also known as Fellowship) in the Society is an honor recognizing sustained professional excellence in any phase of tropical medicine, hygiene, global health and related disciplines.

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Class of 2013

Barry J. Beaty, PhD, FASTMH
Colorado State University

Maria Elena Bottazzi, PhD, FASTMH
Baylor College of Medicine

Stephen B. Calderwood, MD, FASTMH
Massachusetts General Hospital

Philip E. Coyne, MD, MSPH, FASTMH
Uniformed Services University

Robert H. Gilman, MD, DTM&H, FASTMH
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Lars Hviid, MSc, PhD, DSc, FASTMH
University of Coppenhagen

M. Patricia Joyce, MD, FIDSA, FASTMH
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Niranjan Kanesa-Thasan, MD, MTMH, FIDSA, FASTMH
Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics

Karen Kotloff, MD, FASTMH
University of Maryland School of Medicine

Dennis E. Kyle, PhD, FASTMH
University of South Florida

Anne McCarthy, MD, MSc, FRCPC, DTM&H, FASTMH
Ottawa Hospital

J. Glenn Morris, MD, MPH&TM, FASTMH
University of Florida Emerging Pathogens Institute

Eric A. Ottesen, MD, FASTMH
Task Force for Global Health

Christopher Plowe, MD, MPH, FASTMH
Howard Hughes Medical Institute/University of Maryland School of Medicine

Laurence Slutsker, MD, MPH, FASTMH
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Oyewale Tomori, DVM, FRCPath, PhD, FASTMH

Patricia F. Walker, MD, DTM&H, FASTMH
University of Minnesota

Douglas Walsh, MD, FASTMH
Syracuse VA Medical Center

Martin S. Wolfe, MD, DCMT, FACP, FASTMH
Travelers' Medical Service

Class of 2012

Serap Aksoy, PhD, FASTMH
Yale University School of Medicine

Carlos C. Campbell, MD, MPH, FASTMH

Bruce M. Christensen, PhD, FASTMH
University of Wisconsin, Madison

University of Otago

D. Gray Heppner, MD, FACP, FRGS, FASTMH
US Army

Stephen L. Hoffman, MD, DTM&H, FASTMH
Sanaria, Inc.

Duane R. Hospenthal, MD, PhD, FASTMH
University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio

Noreen A. Hynes, MD, MPH, FASTMH
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Anthony A. James, PhD, FASTMH
University of California Irvine

Elaine C. Jong, MD, FASTMH
University of Washington, School of Medicine

Kent E. Kester, MD, FASTMH
Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences

Walter (Ted) F. Kuhn, MD, FASTMH
Medical College of Georgia

Susan McLellan, MD, MPH, FASTMH
Tulane University School of Medicine, School of Public Health & Tropical Medicine

Thomas B. Nutman, MD, FASTMH
National Institutes of Health

Sarah K. Volkman, ScD, FASTMH
Harvard School of Public Health

Gary J. Weil, MD, FASTMH
Washington University School of Medicine

Class of 2011 

Michele Barry, MD, FACP, FASTMH
Stanford Univeristy, School of Medicine

Josh D. Berman, MD, PhD, FASTMH

Joel G. Breman, MD, DTPH, FASTMH
National Institutes of Health

Stephen Higgs, PhD, FRES, FASTMH
Kansas State University

National Travel Health Network

George V. Hillyer, PhD, FASTMH
University of Puerto Rico, School of Medicine

Peter J. Hotez, MD, PhD, FASTMH
Baylor College of Medicine

James M. Hughes, MD, FASTMH
Emory University

James W. Kazura, MD, FASTMH
Case Western Reserve University

Donald J. Krogstad, MD, FASTMH
Tulane University

Myron M. Levine, MD, DTPH, FASTMH
University of Maryland, School of Medicine

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

Victoria McGovern, PhD, FASTMH
Burroughs Wellcome Fund

Wilbur K. Milhous, PhD, FASTMH
University of South Florida

Louis H. Miller, MD, FASTMH
National Institutes of Health

Thomas P. Monath, MD, FASTMH
Kleiner, Perkins, Caulfield & Byers Pandemic & Biodefense Fund

William A. Petri, Jr., MD, PhD, FASTMH
University of Virginia

Ann M. Powers, PhD, FASTMH
Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Edward T. Ryan, MD, DTM&H, FASTMH
Massachusetts General Hospital

William Stauffer, MD, MSPH, FASTMH
University of Minnesota, Department of Medicine

Richard W. Steketee, MD, MPH, FASTMH

Joseph M. Vinetz, MD, FASTMH
University of San Diego, School of Medicine

Thomas E. Wellems, MD, PhD, FASTMH
National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
National Institutes of Health

Peter F. Weller, MD, FASTMH
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Mary Elizabeth Wilson, MD, FASTMH
Harvard University