Awards, Honors and Scholarships


Communications Award  
To recognize exceptional achievement in tropical medicine journalism with the potential to educate lay readers and inform public policy regarding diseases and health conditions specific to poor and underserved populations.

Bailey K. Ashford Medal 
The Bailey K. Ashford Medal is awarded for distinguished work in tropical medicine to a worker in his or her early or mid-career.

Ben Kean Medal 
To recognize a clinician or educator whose dedication to clinical tropical medicine and impact on the training of students, fellows and/or practitioners of tropical medicine is in keeping with the tradition established by Dr. Kean

Joseph Augustin LePrince Medal
In recognition of outstanding work in the field of malariology.

Donald Mackay Medal
For outstanding work in tropical health, especially relating to improvements in the health of rural or urban workers in the tropics. Preference is given to medically qualified individuals.

Walter Reed Medal
To recognize distinguished accomplishment in the field of tropical medicine.

Elsevier-ASTMH Clinical Research Award
Recognizes excellence in research presented by a student at the annual meeting.

Dalrymple/Young Award
Presented to a mid-career investigator who has made an outstanding contribution to arbovirology.

Richard M. Taylor Award 
Recognizes outstanding contributions to arbovirology throughout a career.

Harry Hoogstraal Medal 
Recognizes outstanding achievement in medical entomology.

Scherer/Hardy Award 
Presented to an outstanding graduate either before graduation or up to three years post-graduation.

Young Investigator Award 
To recognize the work of young investigators and to encourage developing scientists to pursue careers in various aspects of tropical disease research.

Annual Meeting Travel Awards
To support annual meeting travel of selected students and young investigators from the United States and abroad.

Honorary International Fellow of ASTMH. 
Recognizes individuals outside the United States for eminent contributions to a particular aspect of tropical medicine or hygiene.

New in 2015! ACMCIP Award for Advanced Training
To encourage trainees to explore new parasitological systems, gain hands-on skills in working with parasites and their hosts and obtain advances knowledge in cutting-edge research topics and technologies.

New in 2015! ACMCIP's William Trager Award for Basic Parasitology
Recognizes a fundamental breakthrough in molecular, cellular or immunoparasitology.

Named Lectures

Charles F. Craig Lecture
Presented in alternate years at the ASTMH Annual Meeting by a distinguished worker in the field of tropical medicine.

Fred L. Soper Lecture
Presented in alternate years at the ASTMH Annual Meeting by a distinguished scientist involved in studies related to environmental control and preventive medicine in the tropics.

Commemorative Fund Lecture
Presented annually by an invited senior researcher resident in the tropics.


Burroughs Wellcome Fund-ASTMH Postdoctoral Fellowship in Tropical Infectious Diseases
Provides research support for individuals enrolled in infectious disease fellowship programs who will spend a portion of their time working on research in a tropical or developing area.

Gorgas Memorial Institute Research Award
Designed to enhance and facilitate the development of scientific linkages between Panama, nationas of Central America and the Caribbean Islands, and the United States and Canada through support of short-term travel for young research investigators from these regions.

Benjamin H. Kean Traveling Fellowship in Tropical Medicine
This fellowship is designed to support medical students involved in clinical or research electives in tropical areas.

Robert E. Shope International Fellowship in Infectious Diseases
This award provides support for a short-term research experience in the tropics in the area of arbovirology and/or emerging diseases.

Centennial Travel Award in Basic Science Tropical Disease Research
This award provides support for a short-term research experience in the tropics.

Subgroup Awards

For information about awards given by Society subgroups, visit these sites:

    * American Committee on Arthropod-Borne Viruses (ACAV)
    * American Committee of Medical Entomology (ACME)
    * Clinical Group (American Committee on Clinical Tropical Medicine and Travelers' Health - ACCTMTH)
    * ASTMH Committee on Global Health (ACGH)