American Committee of Molecular, Cellular and Immunoparasitology (ACMCIP)

ACMCIP Objectives

The American Committee of Molecular, Cellular and Immunoparasitology (ACMCIP) is organized under the auspices of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (ASTMH) and has the following objectives:
  1. To promote an organization that facilitates interactions among scientists who work in the varied disciplines of parasitology, especially in basic laboratory, pre-clinical and translational research, clinician sciences and population-based sciences.
  2. To foster transfer of fundamental discoveries in basic research to applications that improve human health and to promote learning basic science aspects of parasitic diseases from humans afflicted with parasitic diseases.
  3. To sponsor symposia or workshops to promote advanced research in medical parasitology.
  4. To facilitate recruitment and training in the most recent advances in medical parasitology.
  5. To recognize outstanding contributions to parasitology.
  6. To coordinate interactions and activities with other organizations and sponsored meetings to promote the objectives of ACMCIP.

New in 2015! ACMCIP Travel Award for Low and Low-Middle Income (LMIC) Trainees
The ACMCIP student travel award will recognize a student or trainee who is primarily based in a Low or Low-Middle Income Country (LMIC) and who submits an abstract to the ASTMH Annual Meeting representing exciting and novel research in the field of molecular, cellular and immunoparasitology. The goal is to encourage LMIC trainees who are conducting basic parasitology research and to provide funding for him/her to participate in the Annual Meeting. Apply online.

January 2015 Newsletter 

2014 MPM Talk Award Winners 

Executive Council Membership

Position Member
President Julian Rayner 
Immediate Past President  Manoj Duraisingh 
Secretary/Treasurer Niraj Tolia 
Councilor Rick Fairhurst 
Councilor for Communications Timothy Yoshino 
Councilor from Trainees Amy Bei 


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